Hello! I am so excited to be starting this blog for my website, and I hope you enjoy reading it too.

I have a love for weddings and all other amazing events. From beginning to end when I meet a client, have an idea, or execute on the day, I simply love what I do.

Little Facts You May, Or May Not, Need To Know About Me:

  • I love to plan all types of events!
  • I keep a separate notebook for each event so every one is fresh in my mind. I like to keep extremely organized in the office! (I believe that every great event planner has a little OCD in them!)
  • Almost everyone asks me if I like the movie The Wedding Planner because I am an actual wedding planner.
  • When I’m not busy I get stressed- I have to be juggling 75 things at once!
  • I have an African Dwarf Frog named Loabie who I can talk about for hours.
  • I am the oldest of 4 girls, and to me family is everything.

I want to thank my family and friends for supporting my decision to pursue my dream to create Jessica Lauren Events. Without their love I wouldn’t be where I am today.

That being said, I cannot wait to share all the amazing events I put together with you. So stay tuned! Many great things lie ahead. This is just the beginning…

5 thoughts on “The Beginning…

  1. hello Jessica,

    My name is Racheal. I’m planning on getting married in December. My husband I have been married for almost four years now and got married through court. This time we want to have an actual wedding and have our friends and family there. I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to planning a wedding. Please let me know if you have any tips or advice. I know what I see when it comes to my wedding and trying to stay on a budget. Thank you!

    1. Hi Racheal,

      My best advice for planning a wedding and staying on a budget is to make sure you keep a spreadsheet of everything you are spending! Also, be sure to pick a few things that are the most important and splurge on those. For the other items, try finding DIYs and hacks on Pinterest and other websites. I hope your wedding day is amazing and beautiful, as I’m sure it will be!

  2. Hi Jessica!

    I stumbled upon your site and really like what you do! It’s nice to read and see how passionate you are with what you do as an event planner. Good Luck and wishing you the best!


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